Hinged with Spiral Nail Stop Collar

Model : S61

Hinged with Spiral Nail Stop Collar

Eneroil Hinged Spiral Nail Stop can be used in both upset and non-upset casing to provide maximum clearance during rotation. It has a groove in the middle into which a spiral nail can be driven for improved grip on the casing. The broader band firmly grips the collar into position around the casing.

Performance Features

  • This Hinged Spiral Nail Stop Collar is hinged at two places 180 degrees apart and one spiral nail in each half is driven between collar and the casing.
  • It tightens the Collar to the casing firmly.
  •  They can be latched on the casing pipe without having to be slipped on at the end of the casing pipe allowing easy installation
  • These are most effective where low annular clearance is encountered.


  • Available in sizes 4½" to 13⅜"
  • Any special sizes or combination can be made available on request