Auto Fill Cement Float shoe and Float Collar

Eneroil Auto Fill Cement Float shoe and Float Collar permits the casing to fill automatically while being run in the hole. The valve is always in the open position allowing maximum filling of the casing as it is lowered into the well bore. The circulation may be established at any time during or after casing is run. The flapper type back pressure valve does not become operative until the drop ball is dropped or pumped down. Like differential fill-up equipment, the shoe is activated by the same ball. From this point on, like differential fill-up shoe, this model Auto Fill Cement Float Shoe acts as conventional floating equipment. All Auto Fill Cement Float Shoes & Collar are PDC drillable. This is especially effective on liner job and sensitive hole conditions.

Performance Features

  • Flapper type valve that is installed in short 8 round API casing couplings in shallow well applications
  • Auto fill-up/pump-out sleeves are available to convert into an automatic fill-up unit.
  • Manufactured to withstand various differential pressures.
  • Float equipment’s are PDC drillable
  • Cost effective


  • Available in sizes 9⅝"- 30"
  • Non-Rotating Auto Fill Float Collar also available as per customer requirement.
  • Auto Fill Float Shoes & Collars are also available with double valve.
  • API standard threads are cut in-house. Other premium and custom threading can be supplied and cut through our extensive vendor base.