Duplex Cement Float Shoe and Float Collar

Eneroil Duplex Cement Float Shoe and Float Collar are furnished with heavy duty duplex connection. These heavy duty connections have 4" O.D. left-hand threads, 3¼" to 1" bores, and are capable of carrying 100,000 Ibs with a minimum safety factor of 2. Special accessories are available for use with large duplex equipment. The Tubing Seal Nipple has field-proven Chevron Seals for positive sealing of the nipple in the seal bore.

Duplex Cement Float Shoe and Collar has an expandable left-hand latch mechanism which allows the nipple to be "stabbed" into the duplex connection and when up-strain is applied the latch is expanded to provide full engagement in the duplex assembly. The nipple is released by rotating to the right, unscrewing the latch mechanism of the duplex connection. Left-hand square thread subs with 4" O.D., left-hand threads are also available for use with large duplex equipment.

Performance Features

  • Float collar & shoe is supplied with plunger valve in most of the application.
  • Material used for float equipment is seamless casing grade steel.
  • Float equipment’s are PDC drillable
  • Reduces rig time - circulating, pumping, and drill-out time is minimized.
  • Protects casing - cementing pressures are confined to the drill pipes in a squeeze job.


  • Available from sizes 9⅝"- 30"
  • Duplex cement Float Shoes & Collars are also available with Double Valve
  • API standard threads are cut in-house as are numerous selected premium threads up to certain sizes. Other premium and custom threading can be supplied and cut through our extensive vendor base