Down Jet - Up Jet Cement Float Shoe

Eneroil Down Jet - Up Jet Cement Float Shoe offers dependable performance for all classes of oil and gas wells. The Plunger Type valves prevent cement backflow, provide casing buoyancy during the run-in, and acts as an internal BOP during the process of running and cementing the casing.

Float Equipment are manufactured to match customer casing specifications. All float shoes are PDC drillable. Has the ability to circulate through down- jets/center of the shoe while running in the hole. This provides a means of washing casing/liner to seat if required. Once converted, has the ability for the cement to be pumped through up-jets for optimum cement placement. Ports force circulation flow in a downward jetting action.

The Down-jets/Up-jets Cement Float Shoe is also available with Double Valve for extra back pressure, valve sealing against pressure from below when floating in a liner or casing.

Performance Features

  • Fast drill-out
  • Valve parts-will not damage PDC bits.
  • Operator-controlled buoyancy-regulated by filling casing at surface.
  • Float equipment’s are PDC drillable
  • Cost effective


  • Available in sizes 9⅝"- 30" configurations.
  • Down Jet / Up Jet cement Float Shoes are also available with Double Valve.
  • API standard threads are cut in-house as are numerous selected premium threads up to certain sizes. Other premium and custom threading can be supplied and cut through our extensive vendor base.