Centralizers are mechanical devices that prevent casing from contacting the well bore wall. A continuous 360-degree annular space around casing allows cement to completely seal the casing to the borehole wall. Eneroil Centralizers are renowned in the Oil & Gas industry for their standard quality and performances.

Bow Centralizers

Solid Rigid Centralizer

Roller Centralizers

Thermoplastic Centralizer

With experience of 4 decades in the field of oilfield equipment & Cementing activity, we have created range of Eneroil centralizers to be the perfect cementing equipment for all kind of  well cementing job across the globe.

Based on the current challenges of well operations, our application engineers have designed cementing equipments that suits larger variety of well applications and this range includes Welded, Non-welded, Rigid, Semi-rigid, Roller centralizers, Bow type centralizer along with our latest masterpiece  - Single Piece centralizer & Thermoplastic centralizer.

Eneroil centralizers are highly recommended and proves their performance to achieve optimal stand off and centralization.To overcome even the toughest wells challenges,  we deliver reliable products, standard quality , highest precision & best performance.