Float Equipment

Eneroil Float Equipment namely Float Shoe and Float Collar are used to guide the casing to set in the hole which ensures the quality of cementing. Float equipment from Eneroil Offshore is generally used in the lower section of the well to help decrease strain on the derrick while directing packaging past edges and bog zones in the opening.

The float shoe and float collar manufactured by Eneroil use the spring driving back-pressure valve type and are very reliable. The material used for float shoe is PDC Drillable. The upper end of the float shoe is connected with casing and its lower end is connected with the semi-lunar cement head. Float Collar is run in a casing assembly, usually several joints above the Float Shoe. It serves as an extra back pressure valve sealing against pressures from blow while running the assembly and after the cementing job.

Single Valve Float Collar and Float Shoe

Double Valve Cement Float Shoe & Float Collar

Down Jet - Up Jet Cement Float Shoe

Stab-In Cement float Shoe & Float Collar

Duplex Cement Float Shoe & Float Collar

Butt Weld Cement Float Shoe & Float Collar

Slip-On Cement Float Shoe & Collar

Auto Fill Cement Float Shoe and Float Collar

Non-Rotational Cement Float Collar