Non-Rotational Plug

Eneroil Non-Rotating Top and Bottom Cementing Plug significantly reduce the drill out time thereby resulting in cost saving. The Bottom Plug separates the cement from drill mud and features a rubber diaphragm which is opened once the plug has landed and latched into the Anti-Rotational Float Collar.
The Top Plug is used as a follow-up plug to displace cement, latches into the upper end of the bottom plug after latching these provide an anti-rotational feature to eliminate rotation during drilling and save drill out time.

Performance Features

  • The Non-Rotating Top & Bottom Cementing Plugs are designed to decrease drill out time
  • No metal parts are used therefore the Plugs are PDC drillable


  • The Non Rotating Cementing plugs are available in sizes 4 1/2" to 20"
  • Options available in Non-Rotational Top Cementing Plug & Non-Rotational Bottom Cementing Plug as per requirement
  • Eneroil Non Rotating Cementing plugs are available in NR,SBR,NBR and HNBR grades.