Reamer Shoes


Reamer Shoes

Eneroil Reamer Shoe is designed for demanding downhole applications and is ideal for well bore condition with severe doglegs, high build rates, and extended horizontal runs. The selection of Float Shoes accompanied with a variety of aluminium eccentric noses offer downhole solutions when dealing with well-bore conditions that involve ledges or sloughing.
This Float Shoe is specifically designed for reaming and reciprocating applications. Various styles of noses are offered: Bullet, Eccentric, Spade and Cone. The valves prevent cement back-flow, provide casing buoyancy during the run in, and acts as an internal BOP during the process of running and cementing the casing.

Performance Features

  • Equipped with a Cut-Rite carbide cutting material structure to help eliminate any obstructions and to keep from having to pull the casing to make another wiper run by assuring near gauge hole when running casing.
  • A tapered composite nose is standard with high-port up jet and down-jet nose options to help Jet away filter cake and low side debris in horizontal and deviated well-bores.
  • For use with and without rotation.
  • Specially built to fit any casing and hole size combinations.
  • Reamer shoes are equipped with a standard enclosed down-jet nose with an aggressive cutting structure.
  • PDC drillable
  • Compatible with all casing and liner hanger assemblies. Supplied in casing grade as per requirement


  • Available in sizes 9⅝"- 30" or other special combinations as per requirements.
  • Reamer Cement Float Shoes are also available with Double Valve
  • API standard threads are cut in-house. Other premium and custom threading can be supplied and cut through our extensive vendor base