Low Drag Horizontal Roller Centralizer

Model : S45

Solid Body Low Drag Roller Centralizer

Eneroil developed the “Solid Body Low Drag Roller Centralizer” as axial drag friction reduction tool. The contact area of the rollers with the casing or borehole wall functions well in under pressured conditions, where the risk of differential sticking is high.
 The “Low Drag” centralizer with steel rollers helps to avoid ploughing through wellbore material that has settled, alleviating major drag problems in deviated and horizontal wells.

Performance Features

  • Casing, Liner and screens are being run into horizontal and extended-reach wells
  • Under pressured formations may cause differential sticking


  • Non weld bow centralizers are available in the sizes 4 1/2" to 13 3/8"
  • Any special sizes or combination can be made available on request

Recommended For Use With

Run in conjunction with high-strength stop collars

  • Slip-On Stop Collar with Set Screws on One Side Beveled (S65)