Low Drag Low Torque Centralizer

Model : S47

Solid Body Low Drag Low Torque Roller Centralizer

Low drag low torque roller centralizer is provided with a combination of two sets of rollers on the vane, two rollers are placed axially in the centre, in addition, one horizontal roller on top and bottom are provided.  When centralizer moves inside the hole, vertical roller in the centre reduce drag forces and the horizontal roller on the top and bottom aids in reducing the torque to enable smooth rotation of the string.

Performance Features

  • Used when high torque low drag is anticipated
  • Low torque low drag roller centralizer’s enable smooth rotation and running of casing to the bottom.


  • Non weld bow centralizers are available in the sizes 4 1/2" to 13 3/8"
  • Any special sizes or combination can be made available on request

Recommended For Use With

  • Run in conjunction with high-strength stop collars