Rotating Solid Centralizers

Model : S42

Rotating Solid Centralizers

Eneroil’s rotating solid centralizers are ideal for running casing in irregular well bores. These centralizers guide the casing and provide flexibility for the casing string.
The tapered vanes at the top and the bottom reduce drag during running into the casing well bore. The centralizers rotate up and down over the casing, thereby reducing torque. They are additionally able to provide excellent stand-off.
The rotating centralizers are constructed of steel and provided with 360° radial fins.

Performance Features

  • Ideal for irregular well bores.
  • Suitable for wells where the rotation of casing is required.
  • Suitable for wells where rotation or reciprocation is required during primary cementing.
  • The angled fins create a swirling fluid motion, which eliminates channelling.
  • Able to reduce drag and torque.
  • Provide excellent stand-off.


  • Rotating solid centralizers are available in sizes 3 ½" to 13 ⅜”
  • Any special sizes or combination can be made available on request.

Recommended For Use With

  • Slip-On Stop Collar with Set Screws on One Side Beveled ( S 65 )