Model : S10

Hinged Non-weld Bow Spring Centralizer

Eneroil’s Hinged Non-welded Bow Spring Centralizer is used to position the casing in the centre of the wellbore in both vertical and deviated wells. These Bow Spring Centralizers reduce the effect of channelling by improving cement flow. This results in a highly uniform thickness between the casing and the wellbore. The centralizers are also able to minimise gas channeling by reducing the movement of the pipe before the cement sets in. Additionally, these bow centralizers provide a semi-rigid casing standoff.
A non-welded design features the self-locking of lips for holding bows to end collars. Bows of special alloy steel are hot-formed and then tempered for optimum strength, resilience, and uniformity.

Performance Features

  • A non-weld design allows for a less demanding application where rotation abilities are not essential.
  • A non-weld design provides a reliable downhole performance in cased-hole or open-hole applications.
  • A high restoring force combined with a low starting force is achieved with all bow heights.
  • Eneroil’s bow springs are manufactured from high-quality spring steel and heat-treated to achieve minimum starting and running forces. The heat-treated alloy provides flexibility while minimising damage when moving downhole.
  • Installation on the casing pipe is very convenient since it simply requires the placement of the two assembled halves on the pipe and the insertion of the pin in the end collar hinge.
  • This centralizer when unassembled makes a compact package, greatly reducing shipping cost; its assembly on site is straightforward.
  • Eneroil offers a wide range of bow heights and shapes enabling the customer to make an optimum choice matching their requirements.
  • These centralizers are designed to be installed and latched on over stop collars or casing collars.


  • Non-welded Hinged Bow Spring Centralizers are available in the sizes 2 ⅞" to 30"
  • Special sizes or combinations can be made available on request

Recommended For Use With

  • Hinged Stop Collar – S-60
  • Hinged Stop Collar with Spiral Nails – S-61 / S-62
  • Stop Collar with Set Screws – S-63