Model : S21

Hinged Welded Rigid Centralizer

Eneroil's Hinged Welded Rigid Centralizer or also known as Positive Bow Centralizers are uniquely designed with a flat-bottom U-profile of different depths, which permit an extremely high fluid passage. The straight bows provide nearly 100% stand-off (concentricity) when running inside a deviated cased hole. These premium-quality bows are strongly welded to the end collars and are made of a special alloy steel with uniform hardness providing optimum performance.

Performance Features

  • Eneroil’s welded hinged positive bow centralizers are designed for centralising the casing pipe in vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells.
  • High-quality steel alloy bows with flat bottom U-profiles of different depths permit an extremely high fluid passage.
  • The formed U-profile bows provide a superior stand-off and more effective centralisation than conventional bow centralizers. This enables efficient liner hanger and packer setting.
  • These Hinged Welded Rigid Centralizers are highly suitable for stage and surface cementing
  • Hinge locking pins are made of high-strength steel for maximum structural strength.
  • Bows can be configured for any hole diameter with a choice of various standard bow heights for optimum performance and centralisation to suit the outer casing combinations
  • Its high performance characteristics are combined with an easy field assembly


  • Eneroil’s welded hinged positive bow centralizers are available in sizes 4 ½" to 30”
  • Special sizes or combination can be made available on request

Recommended For Use With

  • Hinged Stop Collar – S-60
  • Hinged Stop Collar with Spiral Nails – S-61 / S-62
  • Stop Collar with Set Screws – S-63