Slip-on Welded Bow Spring Centralizer
with Set Screw

Model: S14

Slip On Welded Centralizer With Set Screw

Eneroil's Slip On Welded Centralizer With Set Screw which comes with Bow Spring is a high-quality welded product that meets or exceeds API 10D specifications. These centralizers combine a very high restoring force with a very low starting force. The centralizers feature bow springs strongly welded to its end collars. Premium quality bows made of a special alloy steel with uniform hardness provide optimum performance.
The end collars are provided with a string of set screws that can be tightened to the casing for a non-rotating application. Additionally, for maximum structural toughness, the end collars are slip-on types. With a choice of six different bow heights, a perfect combination for casing/open hole configuration can be achieved.
Furthermore, the installation of Eneroil’s slip-on welded spring bow centralizers on the casing pipe is very convenient, as the centralizer can be slipped on the casing pipe from one end at the time of installation.

Performance Features

  • A slip-on end collar provides extra robustness to the centralizer.
  • The presence of set screws on the end collar additionally provides a non-rotational feature to the centralizer.
  • End collars are of widened-design for greater frame strength and to prevent the bows from hitting the casing.
  • The compatibility of the bows with various end collar sizes reduces inventory requirements and provides tremendous flexibility of casing and hole size combinations.
  • Bows can be configured for any hole diameter with a choice of six standard bow heights for optimum starting and restoring forces.
  • Bow springs are of high quality alloy steel, bent to shape and heat treated under controlled temperature / time cycles for consistent spring characteristics.
  • Its high performance characteristics are combined with an easy field installation on pipe racks.


  • Slip-on welded spring bow centralizers are available in sizes 2 ⅞" to 24”
  • Special sizes or combination can be made available on request

Recommended For Use With

  • Stop Collar with Set Screws – S-63
  • Slip-On Stop Collar with Set Screws with one side Beveled – S-65