Rotating centralizer

Model : S35

Rotating Centralizer

Rotating Centralizer from the premium range of Eneroil Centralizers can be used with a rotating liner in highly deviated well conditions.
The centralizers have a high restoring force which provides optimum standoff and low moving force to minimize drag. They meet or exceed API 10D specifications.
The centralizers allow free rotation of the pipe for maximum displacement efficiency. The stop collar between the end collars minimizes moving forces while reciprocating. The sizes available are 4½" x 6" and 7" x 8½".

Performance Features

  • Designed for casing roating application, bows are provided in special profile to aide rotational applications.
  • High performance characteristics are combined with easy field assembly
  • Slip on design helps in ease of installation on casing rack


  • The rotating centralizers are available in the sizes 4½" x 6" and 7" x 8½"
  • Any special sizes or combination can available on request.

Recommended For Use With

Rotating centralizers are suited for vertical and deviated well applications.

  • Slip-On Stop Collar with Set Screws on One Side Beveled ( S 65 )