Hinged Welded Double Bow Centralizer

Model : S33

Welded Hinged Bow Spring Centralizer with Turbo Fins

Eneroil’s welded hinged bow spring centralizers with turbo fins induce a spiral-flow pattern in the slurry, thereby increasing displacement efficiency. Fitted with specially-designed multi-direction turbo fins, these centralizers improve the cleaning action of drilling fluids, distribute the cement slurry into wellbore irregularities and minimise channelling.
A welded design features bow springs strongly welded to its end collars. Bows of special alloy steel are hot-formed and then tempered for uniform hardness and optimum performance. The turbo fins are made of alloy steel in an annealed state and are attached to the bows from inside.

Performance Features

  • Used in conditions where extra fluid movement and cement slurry distribution are desired.
  • The turbo fins create turbulence during cementing and improve the placement of the cement slurry.
  • Bows are welded to end collars providing better structural robustness.
  • Welded centralizers have more running force when compared to their non-welded counterparts.
  • Designed for use in vertical and slightly deviated wells.
  • A high restoring force combined with a low starting force is achieved with all bow heights.
  • Eneroil offers a wide range of bow heights and shapes enabling the customer to make an optimum choice matching their starting and restoring force requirements.
  • Hinge locking pins are made of high-strength steel for maximum structural strength.
  • Its high performance characteristics are combined with an easy field assembly.


  • Welded hinged bow spring centralizers with turbo fins are available in sizes 2 ⅞" to 30”
  • Special sizes or combination can be made available on request

Recommended For Use With

  • Hinged Stop Collar – S-60
  • Hinged Stop Collar with Spiral Nails – S-61 / S-62
  • Stop Collar with Set Screws – S-63