Model : S12

Single Piece Bow Spring Centralizer

Eneroil offshore has developed its Single Piece Bow Spring Centralizer to perform satisfactorily in Open hole as well as Cased hole. These are high quality product, developed to meet and exceed API10 D specifications for use in highly demanding downhole conditions.

Eneroil's Single Piece Bow Spring Centralize also known as Single piece Glider Centralizer (S12) combines the highest restoring force with zero starting force and zero running force. Single piece centralizer is used to position the casing in the center of the wellbore in vertical deviated and horizontal wells, reduce the effect of channeling by reducing pipe movement before Cement sets in and improving the cement flow, this results in more uniform cement thickness in the well bore. S12 centralizers are one piece construction in special high strength Steel which imparts excellent hardness and spring action ensuring an unmatched ability to come back to its original shape after undergoing rigorous stress loads conditions.

Performance Features

  • Designed for high restoring force combined with zero starting force for centralizing the casing pipe in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells.
  • High performance characteristics are combined with easy installation by slipping over the pipe on the rack.
  • These are high quality product, developed to meet and exceed API 10D specifications for use in highly demanding downhole conditions like ERD, Highly deviated and Horizontal wells.
  • Single piece centralizers are formed from single sheet of special steel resulting in no weld between bows and end collars, increasing the robustness and ability to withstand higher lateral and side loads during casing running.
  • Suitable for RIH, Reciprocation and Rotational applications.
  • Optimum performance during casing running.


  • The Single Piece Bow Spring Centralizers are available in sizes 4½" to 13 3/8".
  • Any special sizes or combination can be made available on request.

Recommended To Use With

  • Slip-On Stop Collar with Set Screws on One Side Beveled ( S 65 )